About Me

birding by horse

Here I am birding by horseback in the Bolivian pantanal in April 2011.

My Published Books

  • The 10 Best Things You Can Do For Your Bird, Peachfront Press
  • A Complete Introduction to Cockatiels, TFH Publications
  • A Step-By-Step Book About Parrots, TFH Publications
  • A Step-By-Step Book About Finches, TFH Publications
  • A Step-By-Step Book About Cockatiels, TFH Publications
  • Parakeets Today, TFH Publications
  • Teaching a Parrot to Talk, TFH Publications

Magazine Articles

I have written dozens of published magazine articles, many on pet birds, often in BIRD TALK, BIRDS USA, and AMERICAN CAGE-BIRD MAGAZINE.

The Peachfront Conure has been my muse for the last 30 years and counting. Inspired by this special bird, I have trained, bred, and lived with the species in my home for three decades. In April 2011, I had the privilege of traveling to Bolivia to observe this species in their wild home. For extra bonus points, I had the pleasure of observing three species of endangered Bolivian macaws — the Blue-Throated Macaw, the Red-Fronted Macaw, and the forever awesome Hyacinth Macaw.

I’m now hosting the world’s only semi-official peachfront conure site at diaryland. Visit me there. I’d love to hear the story of your peachfront conure, and I’m ESPECIALLY interested in hearing the stories of older peachfronted conures.