The 10 Best Things You Can Do For Your Bird

the 10 best things

The 10 Best Things You Can Do For Your Bird is available on almost all top retailers, including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and many more. Tap the image or this link to find out where you can buy your own copy.

What it’s all about–

If you want a happier, healthier, longer-lived pet bird, you want real help and real experiences from real people. Here, in one convenient package, you’ll get 28 of my most popular previously published articles from Bird Talk and Birds USA, including 8 different surveys of more than 200 pet bird owners eager to share their top tips for a successful relationship with their parrots, conures, budgies, cockatiels, canaries, Pekin robins, and more. You can feed, clean, house, amuse, and even understand your bird better. Let me show you how.

Here are some of the key topics we’ll cover:

The 10 Best Things You Can Do For Your Bird — suggested by a survey of real bird owners

My popular birds & music series — use music to thrill, calm, and amuse birds of any species

Better diets for birds who love food — help you seed addict eat better, when and how to offer a low fat diet, treats birds should & shouldn’t eat, the secrets of great sprouts and greens for vitamin K, and much more

Birds you may not considered — Pekin robins and the perky mid-sized parrots
Bathe your bird — keeping it clean without stress

Fun with birds — vacation time, 30 ways to amuse a parrot, the free-flight time debate

Safety — when a bird escapes, your home’s 5 worst danger spots, & much more
Bird behavior secrets — why birds act bratty, how birds feel love, how to keep your songbirds singing…

Get the skills and knowledge you need for a better relationship with your pet bird.

Update as of May 13, 2018: My goal is for all of you to enjoy a long life with your feathered companion. Although I have not bred birds in many years, I still live with my amazing pets. My oldest bird is a Yellow-crowned Amazon, now around 48 years old. My 28-year-old peachfront conures have been with me since they were eggs. In 2012, I adopted a lovebird who lost her home in Hurricane Isaac, and she’s still going strong. The newest addition to the zoo is Boobear, a cockatiel who will turn 20 in July.