Update– I No Longer Own Peachfront Dot Com

If there are any peachfront conure owners out there who want the domain, it may still be available. I’m not wanting to fool with paid domains any more and all the constant updating and nickel and diming for a hobby site.

Courtney and Sheldon recently celebrated their 27th birthday– an impressive age for a peachfronted conure. Would love to hear from other owners of older peachfronts. You can always reach me @peachfront at Twitter.


A Zap of Energy Meditation

In honor of the new Peachfront Press book, Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity by Amethyst Qu, I’m hosting a meditation with a focus on clearing blocks to the root chakra. Get energized, and get ready to manifest your prosperity.

If you prefer to record the meditation in your own voice, the entire script is included in the book.

A Waterfall of Light Meditation

To celebrate the release of the latest Peachfront Press ebook, Crystal Cash Chakra Magick: The Rainbow Path to Prosperity,” we have created an extended audio meditation that you can use while relaxing with your crystals. This meditation, called a Waterfall of Light, is designed to help you get in touch with the little known “overhead” chakra — a sort of psychic door to Spirit that can be visualized as being above the crown of the head. If you connect well with that chakra, you could really blast through some blocks that have been holding you back.

The entire script will be in the next book, in case you prefer to record the meditation in your own voice. And there will be lots of interesting information about this little-known chakra or energy center as well as a continued exploration of how to use crystals to manifest prosperity.

Crystal & Stone Clearing & Purifying Meditation

As a thank you to the readers of our crystal metaphysics books, Peachfront Press is giving away a free professionally narrated audio mp3 of a short crystal cleansing/purification meditation. You won’t believe how fast and easy it can be to clear your favorite stone and get it ready to bond with YOU.

To get your audio meditation, all you have to do is join the Amethyst Qu mailing list. We have a lot more goodies coming — meditations, audio books, advance reviewers copies, as well as access to exclusive stone giveaways and occasional deep discount sales on our stones.

Tap the button to join us… If you don’t see where to sign up, turn off your pop-up blocker for a moment.


my new book is out: the 10 best things you can do for your bird

The 10 Best Things You Can Do For Your bird is now available for Kindle through Amazon. It’s a handy-dandy roundup of 28 of my previously published articles in BIRD TALK and BIRDS USA, including 8 surveys of more than 200 Bird Talk readers to give you real information on real birds owned by real people. I think a lot of you will get a kick out of it. If you’re one of the people mentioned in the book, I’d be thrilled if you stopped by and left a comment on the book page at Amazon. Heck, I’d be thrilled if you just hit the “like” button there. Every little bit helps to get the word out for how to provide great care for our pets, right?

Update: Now it’s available for Nook through Barnes & Noble by clicking right here.

I welcome all donations for bird food, toys, and supplies. Even $1 buys several servings of mixed vegetables for my Conures. Thanks in advance!

welcome to the wild and wonderful world of the peachfront



I’ve trained these birds, I’ve bred these birds, I’ve lived with these birds…and now I’ve traveled to Bolivia to observe these birds in the wild. These birds have been my muse for over 30 years, inspiring me to write for publication, including several books for T.F.H. Publication and many magazine articles for BIRD TALK. Only the Peachfront Conure could get me up in a Cessna or up on a horse…well, maybe a Peachfront Conure and the promise of wild Hyacinth Macaws! And now they’ve inspired a blog.